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Travel Tips for Busy Corporate Executives - Corporate Yoga Muse Travel Tips for Busy Corporate Executives - Corporate Yoga Muse
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Here are several travel tips for busy corporate executives. After traveling to 109 countries, 50 states, and far too many cities to count, I think I have rightfully earned the title of Road Warrior! My corporate clients often do a lot of traveling, too, and I know that can be hard on the body. It’s certainly not natural to be cooped up in a seat for several hours at a time, and that kind of thing takes its toll! So, in addition to recommending that you sign up for expedited security clearance through the Global Entry Program, one of my best travel tips is that you should always pack your yoga mat, a strap, and some Three Minute Eggs®. Taking the time to do a few yoga stretches in your hotel room or while waiting for a flight can really make the difference for your body and your health. And now, some airports are adding yoga studios for travelers, and you may have access to a semi-private room to do your yoga during those long layovers as well! Here is a list of airport yoga studios, in case you don’t feel comfortable doing your hip opening series in the middle of the gate area: Airports with Yoga Rooms Yoga on y’all!