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Three Minute Egg® to Relieve Back Pain - Demo Today! Three Minute Egg® to Relieve Back Pain - Demo Today!
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Three Minute Egg® | Because the Body is Not Square

Three Minute Egg®

I am a certified Three Minute Egg® teacher and use yoga eggs in every corporate and private class I teach. I truly believe there is no better yoga prop on the market and here is why: First off, your body is not square! Yoga Eggs are curved to work miracles on the body. Yoga Eggs are a good bit longer, the right amount narrower, and deliberately lower than other yoga blocks. Their innovative design and more practical proportions make Yoga Eggs unique and, of course, awesome! Yoga blocks are mostly made of wood, foam or cork. They can be uncomfortably hard or unusably soft. And though most other yoga blocks are made overseas and made from many different materials, Three Minute Eggs® are 100% Made in the USA, and each Egg is density checked and sorted by quality.

three minute egg yoga accessories for relieving back pain and enhancing your yoga practice

Yoga Eggs currently come in two standardized sizes (with more sizes on the way). Namasteggs are the original size, with Junior Eggs a little bit smaller. Why? Because not all yogis (or yogiños) are the same size! Yoga Eggs also come in a whole bunch of colors, because color affects our state of mind. Best of all, Yoga Eggs are made from a totally biodegradable ECO foam! Yoga Eggs are an earth-friendly alternative made from a unique, patented biodegradable foam: American-made biodegradable foam Yoga Eggs are just as durable, lightweight, supportive, and non-slip as any other yoga block, but they’re better looking, way more fun, and break down faster in a landfill setting. How cool is that? There are three distinct densities to match your needs:

Soft – for those practicing Restorative yoga Medium – versatile enough to be used both restoratively and dynamically by most people Hard-boiled – for weight-bearing poses, especially for yogis weighing 150 pounds or more

Yoga Eggs can help you:

  • Balance when you’re off-center
  • Assist you to reach the floor when you’re less flexible
  • Improve body awareness and proprioception

Their unique shape provides a sturdy surface at three fixed heights to provide stability when you need it most. They aid your alignment while unburdening your body in poses you have trouble maintaining.

An Egg in Your Hands is Worth Two Blocks on the Floor

Yoga Eggs are ergonomically designed to be held comfortably in your hands throughout your practice. This means they’re always exactly where you need them! By contrast, blocks have a tendency to be in the way, out of the way or too far away.

Yoga Eggs are infinitely more versatile than yoga blocks and help you become a better yogi, not a lazier one.

  • Eggs on their round side help protect your wrists.
  • Eggs on end nestle perfectly into the heel-palm area of your hands giving you enough support to protect your back while maintaining enough mobility to remind you keep your focus on your legs.
  • Two flat Yoga Eggs placed in an open V-Shape on the floor make for one of the most comfortable meditation cushions you’ll find anywhere.
  • An Egg between your feet can help you determine when your feet are parallel.
  • An Egg between your shins can help you find weight imbalances in your posture.
  • An Egg between your thighs can help you learn the elusive but critical actions of moving your inner and outer thighs back in space.
  • An Egg between your hands can help facilitate significant elongation in your spine.
  • An Egg under your head can support the natural rotation of your neck.
  • Eggs under your forearms in down dog can protect your shoulders and help manage hyperextension of the elbows.
  • Eggs under the legs protect your knees.
  • The absolute best way to use an Egg (nothing does this better) is under your back.
  • Yogis like to measure the age of your body by determining the age of your spine. Nothing keeps the spine young like supported backbends. Whether done actively or passively, lying on Eggs can literally add years to your life.

Not sure if the Three Minute Egg® is right for you?
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