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Testimonials for a healthy lifestyle through ayurveda based yoga Testimonials for a healthy lifestyle through ayurveda based yoga
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“Teaching a Teacher New Skills”

I was so impressed with Jennifer’s alignment-based yoga and her approach to insuring proper form in a positive & approachable manner. Being a part-time teacher myself, I was surprised at how much I learned from her and how much it improved my own practice.

Steven Herron – Digital Marketing Strategist IssueTrak


“Quality Instruction that will change your life”

I had the pleasure of being a private client of Jennifer’s during her time in the Pacific Northwest. I highly recommend her as a yoga teacher. She worked with me to establish a series of routines that includes sets of yoga postures designed to address areas of my body that need attention. I have continued the daily practice and the results have been amazing. Pain that used to restrict my movement and activities no longer limits my enjoyment of life.


I also had the good fortune to travel with her to a retreat in Bali, one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Jennifer introduced me to ayurveda while we were in Ubud and I completed a five-day cleanse that eliminated a lot of inflammation that had plagued me for years and set me on a path for a healthier lifestyle.


I was blessed to find Jennifer and benefit from her guidance. She is sincere and genuine in her desire to help people through yoga. I’m sorry she left our region, but if you’re in the NE and looking an experienced, delightful and detail oriented instructor, you should book a private with Jennifer. I will be forever grateful for the help she provided me.

K. Johnson – Director of Regulatory Commission Puget Sound Energy


“Smart and Effective!”

My background in fitness is based on years and years of heavy lifting and body building. I came to Jennifer after two shoulder surgeries and I was very tight an locked up in several areas of my body, especially my shoulders and hips. Jennifer taught me the hip opening series and a number of releases and asanas for my upper back and scapula area.


I saw immediate changes in how I stood, walked, and sat as my body opened up. Learning the basic of yoga from Jennifer has allowed me to now feel confident and comfortable in female dominated yoga classes.


Jennifer also suggested a few changes in my diet and I use my yoga strap every day now as it is a big part of relieving my upper back stress that comes with flying weekly for my business. I would highly recommend Jennifer for private corporate yoga instruction!

James Peterson CEO Plantertec



I took Jennifer’s class about utilizing the yoga prop the Three Minute Egg. I enjoyed Jennifer’s teaching, adjusting, and experience working with the eggs.


As a Restorative teacher I’m interested in utilizing the eggs in my classes because I was able to feel how the eggs improve on some well-loved poses I teach often. I left Jennifer’s class feeling grateful and relaxed.

Jennifer Sigel – Yoga Teacher Portland Oregon


“Bravo and More”

I work with Jennifer every chance I get when I am in the NYC area, as her yoga and mindfulness training is that powerful. She taught me the skills that have empowered me to make changes in my lifestyle that were affecting my body in a negative way.


My international travel is often debilitating and causes a great deal of stress in my body. With Jennifer’s expertise, I now have a toolbox of effective tools and the knowledge to address the issues, regardless of my location: on a plane, at my desk, or in a foreign hotel room.


I have shared several of her tips with my colleagues, and I look forward to working with her again and again. Just Brilliant.

Braham Singh – SVP Global Could Xchange


“Wow, I didn’t know that!”

I’ve really enjoyed Jennifer’s class since our company began to sponsor these events. She has a great energy and clearly loves the work that she does. I’m impressed with the knowledge she possesses, from the basics of yoga to the “Wow, I didn’t know that”-tidbits of information. She’s patient and understanding with beginners while still guiding people out of their comfort zones. And she provides a soothing, calm presence in the last few minutes of savasana.

Jason S. employee @ Mindspark Interactive