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Stiff Ankles and Dorsiflexors - Corporate Yoga Muse Stiff Ankles and Dorsiflexors - Corporate Yoga Muse
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I have found in class after class that many men seem to have very stiff ankles and tight dorsiflexors in their feet, making sitting in the hero’s pose unobtainable or painful for them because of their inflexibility.

Shoes are not your friends, particularly more formal work shoes. How often have you come home with sore feet at the end of a long day? But even corporate employees can easily fit in some time to take care of their feet, while working!

Simply set your feet free under your desk, and:

  • circle your ankles
  • point & flex your feet
  • roll your soles on a golf ball or tennis ball
  • maybe even put some toe spreaders in between your toes

Yes, I would not advise doing this during the next board meeting, but a few times a day under your desk – yes, please!!!

And if you are having difficulty flexing enough to get into the hero’s pose, this great video demos modifications that can help you access the pose more comfortably:

Of course I would never suggest doing this pose with yoga blocks when you can use Three Minute Eggs®, simply because they feel so much better and they facilitate the much needed lordosis (normal inward curvature) in the lumbar spine when one sits on the curved side of the eggs.

Also, the eggs allow you to stack them higher and still sit in the hero’s pose, for practitioners with extremely tight quads.