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Luminous: Give Back This Holiday Season Luminous: Give Back This Holiday Season
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: full of or shedding light; bright or shining, especially in the dark.

Feeling luminous and in the spirit of the Holiday Season I wanted to repost this from my personal blog as I am a big believer in giving back and as a yogini, a large part of yoga (which refers to the 8 limbs of yoga not just yoga asana the physical practice) is actually walking the walk that you speak about in your classes as a teacher and also being true to yourself as a practitioner and continuing to walk the walk.

“The Wealth of a soul is measured by how much it can feel; it’s poverty by how little.” – William R. Alger

Ever since I completed my first 200 hr. teacher training, I have felt a little lost regarding the concept of selfless giving. I just felt that there wasn’t one particular thing, nor entity, nor idea that just spoke to me. So, guiltily, I kind of let it slide and didn’t really think about it for a year or so. And then serendipitously, ‘Menstrual Cups Changing Girls Lives in Kenya”  appears in my Facebook news feed so I Googled, “I want to donate menstrual cups to Africa” and the Lunette Blog appears.

I immediately dial their phone number while reaching for my cc and the next thing I know I am speaking to this wonderful woman named Caron who coordinates the program in the United States. She was telling me all about her trip to Kenya and about Kate & her husband Johnny, an American couple from Texas who run organize the logistics in the African villages.

I don’t know, but there is something so logical about this project. My type A personality adores tangible things, results oriented goals, and round numbers and my upbringing led me to have an affinity towards women’s educational issues. Yes, this was just the type of endeavor I had been searching for but did not know about. 5 min later my cc had been processed.

Luminous: Brooks Family with their family in Kenya

50 cups

50 real live girls in Kenya will hopefully have a far greater chance of staying in school and hopefully improving their lives. Not to overlook, the benefits of having a far more healthy and sanitary way of dealing with their monthly cycle.

Just think about that. I know so many women who bitch and moan and complain about how bad “that time of the month” is. In the US, we have Pamprin, and Midol, and aspirin, and hot water bottles, and natural holistic herbs to help with the various aches. pains, bloating, and cramps. Yes, 1st world problems indeed.

Just try to imagine for one moment, being 12 or 13 years old and trying to find an old rag to use as a feminine product and not having a separate girl and boy bathrooms in your school. Really think about how self conscious and scared you were as a young woman the first time you had your period. Most of us, had the luxury of some sort of education regarding what would happen to our bodies as they changed and how to deal with it.

Unfortunately, in a third world country, many women have just a minimal understanding of anatomy and health. I haven’t been to Africa, but I have traveled all over the world and have seen the favelas of Rio, the slums of Caracas, and the abject poverty in rural parts of China and Indonesia.

It is just shocking to think that a bodily function, one so natural and essential to creating another human life could actually prohibit a young woman from getting an education and perhaps even setting her up for a life of poverty, possible health issues, and perhaps even the ability to not conceive. The irony.

Dana, in Sanskrit is the expression of selflessness benefiting both the giver and the receiver. It is an integral practice on the contemplative path helping cultivate qualities in the heart and mind that strengthen compassion and non attachment within individuals and among community members.

I now have a reason and a desire to travel to Kenya and become more involved in such a great project and meet some of the young women I choose to help. Wow!

But, for now, I only ask that you share my post and perhaps donate what you can to help. We ALL can afford to give a little during this season of giving. Please feel free to email Caron at Lunette to help.