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How To Prevent Rounded Back (Kyphosis) - Corporate Yoga Muse How To Prevent Rounded Back (Kyphosis) - Corporate Yoga Muse
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Kyphosis, or rounded back syndrome, is a huge issue with employees who spend countless hours on their laptop or computer with little regard to their posture.

Mild kyphosis causes few problems, but severe cases can cause pain and be disfiguring, according to the Mayo Clinic. Physical therapy and exercise such as yoga can be effective in treating and even preventing kyphosis.

One of the first yoga postures I teach my corporate clients is how to sit with correct and healthy spinal alignment.

The following article has some great cues with regards to being mindful of the hands, arms, and their connection to the lats. I use other cues as well (lift the POA, and create space in the side waist):

Sitting Up Straight and Expanding the Chest

And remember: you can always put Three Minute Eggs® under your thighs for support if you are tight in the hips.

Happy Sukhasana 🙂