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Dry Skin Brushing - Corporate Yoga Muse Dry Skin Brushing - Corporate Yoga Muse
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Part of my yoga training was learning Ayurveda, which is simply a whole body healing system originating in India.

Different from Western Medicine, which focuses on fighting symptoms of disease and imbalance, Ayurveda instead promotes whole body health and fixing the cause of a particular ailment naturally, without  the use of pharmaceuticals.

One of my favorite routines learned from Ayurveda involves Dry Skin Brushing. Dry brushing helps to unclog pores and exfoliate. It can also help reduce cellulite and stimulate your lymphatic system – and it only takes 5-10 minutes to do!

How do you do dry skin brushing?

  1. Make sure your skin is 100% dry. Strip down and begin brushing (wait to turn on water until after brushing)
  2. Grab onto the backside of the brush so you have full control of your strokes.
  3. Start with the tops of feet and work up the body with soft strokes.
  4. Brush front and backside of the body in the same order, feet to knees then waist.
  5. Circular, clockwise motions for your midsection.
  6. Brush up your arms, toward your armpits.
  7. Now shower with natural soap to wash away the dead skin.
  8. Dry off and apply your favorite body oil while skin is slightly damp. Coconut oil infused with lavender oil is a personal favorite.

Note: Dry brushing will cause temporary redness to the skin.

I really enjoy the routine of dry skin brushing prior to my shower, and how it makes my skin glow in addition to improving my circulation – and, well, it just feels good.

Brush on 🙂

Source: The Beauty Fox