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ABOUT CYM GROUP and our TEAM - Corporate Yoga Muse ABOUT CYM GROUP and our TEAM - Corporate Yoga Muse
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OUR WHY: We believe that everyone deserves a healthy mind and body. As a collaboration we can each use our specialized modalities to help individuals live an empowered, creative, and more vibrant life therefore cultivating meaningful and happy communities.


OUR VALUES: We operate on the principle that a business can be truthful, transparent and mindful, while giving generously to its community in pursuit of financial success.


CYM Group is a consortium of health professionals whose mission is to empower companies to realize
the full potential of their employees through the transformative powers of alternative modalities.

Jennifer Smith Founder of CYM Group and Health and Wellness Engineer

Jennifer Smith
Founder of CYM Group
and Health and Wellness Engineer

Jennifer knows first-hand how working in certain environments can reduce productivity, add stress, and affect health. After years in the broadcast industry, she made a life change and began the path that lead her into yoga and mindfulness. Knowing it wasn’t enough just to learn and practice, she went to the ‘teacher of teachers:’ Aadil Palkhivala, who studied with the late BKS Iyengar from the age of seven in Pune, India, in order to ensure her methods were sound.

Today, Jennifer is expertly trained and educated instructor, is yoga alliance certified, and specializes in corporate and private alignment-based therapeutic yoga. Click here to learn more about Jennifer’s story.

Teaching yoga has given me a career that I truly enjoy, and enables me to help others on a daily basis. It has given me a sense of purpose, which has greatly impacted my own sense of health.

Peter Iocovello


Michael Chai
Meditation Specialist and Yogi

Michael has traveled the world to study with venerable lineage of meditation and healing masters. From India to Tibet, he studied and refined his knowledge in Ayurveda, Thai massage, and meditation. He was also initiated by His Holiness the 14th Dali Lama to a highly esoteric pranayama practice.

Michael’s soothing voice pulls you into his guided meditations and allows you to truly enjoy the moment, relax, and let the tension and stress in your body float away.

Peter Iocovello


Peter Iocovello
Yoga teacher, PT
and massage therapist

Peter began his journey in the healing arts through the use of massage and its powerful way of connecting with a client by helping them relieve stress and lessen their pain. His extensive knowledge of anatomy led him to explore the body deeper in obtaining both yoga and personal training certifications. Peter enjoys sharing his knowledge in whatever modality he may be working.


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