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How to motivate employees and improve your bottom line How to motivate employees and improve your bottom line
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Improve Your Bottom Line

Improve Your Bottom Line:
yoga for a healthier workplace™

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A corporate mindfulness and yoga program is a powerful, practical, and more importantly sustainable modality for taking care of your most valuable assets – your EMPLOYEES.

Our corporate wellness programs empower and motivate employees to make lasting and positive lifestyle changes which are mutually beneficial and rewarding to the employer and employee.

Corporate Wellness

CYM Group programs are designed to maximize the effectiveness of your wellness investment. Learn More

Private Yoga

Private yoga allows for a personally tailored program and detailed instruction in the convenience of your home or office. Learn More

Yoga for seniors

Senior yoga specifically addresses issues assoicated with the aging body in a safe and pain free manner. Learn More

Are the ad-hoc water cooler meetings solving problems and stimulating ideas in the workplace?
Workplace yoga & mindfulness breaks leave employees feeling refreshed, productive, consistently energized and ready to take on new challenges.

8-10 hours of constant sensory overload & multi-tasking adversley effect employee performance.
Yoga clears the mind, helps regain focus, and improves memory.

So easy…

Even a baby can do it

A corporate yoga wellness program is accessible to every employee regardless of shape, size, age, or mobility.


Jennifer also suggested a few changes in my diet and I use my yoga strap every day now as it is a big part of relieving my upper back stress that comes with flying weekly for my business. I would highly recommend Jennifer for private corporate yoga instruction!
Improve your bottom line with corporate wellness programs that take care of your most valuable asset, your employees.

Bending over backwards to get to the top?
CULTIVATE CALM Yoga and mindfulness create a deeper sense of self-awareness enabling you to more effectively manage your daily interactions with wisdom and awareness.
I had the pleasure of being a private client of Jennifer's during her time in the Pacific Northwest. I highly recommend her as a yoga teacher.

Is your job twisting you in multiple directions?
Unwind. A combination of mindfulness & yoga improve mental clarity, increase focus, & energize the body and mind.


Employees are absent and average of 25 days a year


Happy employees are less confrontational, effectively manage conflicts, and interact skillfully with both customers and their fellow workers.


A dual faceted program which address both mind and body can optimize and balance BOTH your worklife and homelife

Sitting Is The New Smoking
Just a 1/2 hour of movement and active stretching has been shown to preserve range of motion and muscle length, and significantly decrease the negative effects of sitting in flexion for long periods of time.

Put the "team" back in TEAMwork
Interactive yoga classes increase employee socializing, and strengthen collaboration, engagment & group creativity.

Jennifer Smith

Health & Wellness Engineer

I was quite impressed with Jennifer's alignment-based yoga and her approach to insuring proper form in a positive & approachable manner.